Our Infant Room has 10 spaces for infants between the ages of 4 months – 18 months. We strongly believe in the social-emotional wellbeing of each child enrolled at Life-Bridge. We strive to develop close bonds with each child to ensure that their home away from home is a safe and comfortable place for them to be while they develop into confident, independent little beings.

Our program is based on the philosophy of Learning through Play, with the implementation of activities that will look at both the children’s interests as well as their individual development. Our Weekly Program Plans are developed based on the Emergent Curriculum model. This means that we will follow the children’s leads when planning and setting up the room. We allow the children to lead the path of their learning, this is done through the daily observations.

During the time your child spends in the Infant Room they will have the opportunity to learn and develop at their own pace. It will be the teacher’s responsibility to provide an environment and program that is rich with learning experiences, driven from the children’s own interests. When evaluating the children’s progress, we look at the five areas of development;

Social – They will begin to form relationships with both the teachers and other infants in the room. While you will still see a great deal of individual play amongst the babies you will also begin to see certain skills developing such as Social Interest, Imitation, Simple Turn Taking etc.

Emotional – They will be able to express themselves in many different ways. As they grow you will begin to notice that their emerging emotions become more regulated and easier to navigate.

Communication, Language and Literacy – As your Infant grows and develops their communication styles will vary, they will begin to babble, use one word at a time, tell stories in their own way and begin to put words together to express their wants and needs.

Cognitive – By exploring cause and effect toys, engaging in spatial exploration, problem solving activities, sorting objects and putting simple puzzles together your child will develop several cognitive skills through play.

Physical – Your child’s physical development may be the most changing as they go from crawling to walking to running and climbing. Through exploration and play your child will develop their co-ordination, balance, build core strength and learn to maneuver and ride on toys.

Each day the teachers will document all important information such as meal times and amounts, sleep times, diaper routines and observations, on your child’s daily communication form. An Infant’s daily schedule varies based on their individual needs. In the Infant room our day consists of children guided activities, educator guided activities, free play, as well as the daily needs such as meal times, nap times and diaper routines. In order to meet each child’s needs we will adapt their schedule based on what they are familiar with at home, however as your child grows their needs may change and will gradually evolve into a schedule that is similar to that of their friends. Each day in the Infant room is different and our schedule changes and is flexible to best meet the needs of all the children individually as well as a group.

We hope you and your child will enjoy your time with us.

Phone: Tel: (416) 519-7776
180 Simcoe Street, or North of 17 St. Patrick Street
330 University Avenue Toronto, Ontario M5G 1R8
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