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Senior Room Newsletter September 2017

Dear Parents,

Happy September and welcome to the Senior Room! It is our pleasure to welcome all our new Seniors friends and families. We look forward to an inspiring, cheerful, and successful start.

Program Highlights

  • This month, in the Senior Room, will be all about getting to know one another and the interests of the children. Your children will be participating in various play-based activities to practice and expand on all the skills they will need for healthy and well rounded development, for everyday life and, as we get closer to the end of the year, for Junior Kindergarten.
  • Here are the goals and guidelines, which we will focus on in planning our curriculum.

ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today)


    • Positively and respectfully communicate with friends and adults
    • Self-regulation and self-confidence
    • Enjoyment of stories, books, listening and speaking
    • Creative thinking, exploring basic math, and exploring other learning and thinking opportunities
    • Fine Motor: Hand finger coordination for cutting, colouring, pasting, and gluing
    • Gross Motor: Active play through sports, outdoor play, games, music and movement

Looking Ahead

We will be starting our “Borrow-A-Book” Program on September 11th, 2017. Each child will receive a book bag and have the opportunity to “Borrow-A-Book” on Friday each week.


  • We would like to welcome Gabriel, Avery, Anna, Sandy, Zoeya, Liliane, Evan, Koray, Liam, Rand, Leo, Kai, Magnusson, Rosie, Oliver, and Nolan to the Senior Room!
  • We would also like to welcome Kassandra into the Senior Room! She will be the Split Shift Ratio Staff in our room.
  • We would also like to welcome two George Brown students, Qian and Angela, who will begin their seven week placement during the first week of September.

Working Together

  • This month our focus is on cooperative play. Cooperating is about working together and helping others. When children cooperate, they have more positive social interactions and this is a social skill that all children should learn.

ELECT 1.6 Co-operating:

  • Exchanging ideas and materials during play
  • Taking part in setting and following rules and inviting others to join them in play
  • Listening, thinking and responding appropriately as others speak during group time
  • Engaging in group decision-making with voting and accepting that the majority vote will be followed by the entire group


 Friendly Reminders

  • Please make sure your child’s cups, shoes, home toys and clothes are labeled, as there could be duplicates in our room. This will help to prevent things from getting lost or misplaced.
  • Please bring in a family picture.
  • Please provide a change of clothes for the appropriate weather for the morning and afternoon. We will change the children according to the weather.

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead!


Until next month,

Zurah, Melanie, and Kassandra

2017 Final September Senior Calendar

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